Welcome to NICE Telemed: Redefining Healthcare Through Telehealth.

We at NICE Telemed are leading the way in revolutionizing the healthcare industry. The power of telehealth and telemedicine complements our dedication to offering top-notch medical care.
What is Telehealth and Telemedicine?
Beyond being trendy terms, telehealth and telemedicine represent the wave of the future for the medical field. These creative methods make use of phones to link patients, wherever they may be in the world, with qualified medical professionals. With the help of virtual visits, secure chat, and video consultations, NICE Telemed brings the doctor right to you through the touch of your phone. Convenience, accessibility, and individualized attention are key components.

Why Choose Nice Telemed?

  • Expert Care: Our committed group of medical specialists is prepared to handle your health issues.
  • User-friendly: No need of log into various app & websites, patient can connect with our Medical Agent & doctor through a simple phone call
  • Privacy and Security: The security and privacy of your medical records are of utmost importance to us.

Our Services

Instant access to - our healthcare and wellness

We at Nice Telemed are more than simply a name; we’re your partner on the path to improved health. Here’s a taste of why you should pick us first:



Our licensed medical specialists are prepared to write you an electronic prescription so you can have the drugs you require as soon as possible.


E-Medicine Delivery
We recognize that convenience is essential. We take care of having your prescription drugs delivered right to your home, saving you the trouble of making trips to the pharmacy.


At-Home Lab Tests:
We travel the laboratory to you. Eliminate the need to wait at busy clinics.You can get necessary lab tests done in the convenience of your own home with Nice Telemed.

Our Process

Process of Availing our service:

We are Just a Call Away!!!
Just follow these steps:
  • Dial 0120-3226644
  • Our Medical Agent will do one time registration by entering your basic details, create UHID and note down your symptoms.
  • You will receive QR Code/Payment link to make the payment.
  • Once Payment is done, A call with our General Physicians/Specialist will be scheduled within 15 Minutes.
  • After the consultation is done, you will receive the prescription on your App/Whatsapp.

Join The NICE Telemed Family

Our Packages

Your health is our priority, and with Nice Telemed, you are never alone on your healthcarejourney. We are dedicated to providing seamless, reliable, and instant access to quality healthcare professionals.Experience the difference – make the smart choice for your health. Contact Nice Telemed today and discover what it means to have a doctor always ready for you.

Individual Package

Monthly Package

149  ₹ Per  Month


Student Package

Monthly Package

1500 ₹ (Individual)

2500 ₹ (Family of 4)

Corporate Package

Monthly Package

1500 ₹ (Individual)

2500  ₹ (Family of 4)

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