Cervical Cancer


Cervical cancer is a type of cancer, when an abnormal growth of cells occurs rapidly in the lower most part of the uterus which connects to the vagina. HPV (Human papillomavirus), a sexually transmitted disease is a leading cause of cervical cancer in most of the cases. Though HPV does not harm and women’s immune system prevent the virus to cause harm in the body.

What is Cervical Cancer?

Cancer is a disease which occurs due to abnormal growth of cells in the body in any part of it. When this abnormal growth starts in the female reproductive part in the cervix region then it causes cervical cancer. Almost 90% of the cases are diagnosed with cervical cancer that already has an STD called HPV.The risk of having cervical cancer can be prevented by having certain tests and HIV prevention vaccine. Cervical cancer is broadly classified as:

  • Squamous cell carcinoma:This generally occurs outside cervix till vagina. Most of the cases of cervical cancer are squamous cell carcinoma only.

  • Adenocarcinoma:It affects directly on the glandular cells of the cervical canal.

What causes Carvical Cancer?

    Cervical cancer generally begins when genetic cells start mutating and turn into an abnormally growing cells which is unstoppable. They form a mass and gradually start spreading in the nearby areas as well. The major cause is still not evaluated but maximum cases of HPV shows the symptoms of cervical cancer. The other symptoms which cause cervical cancer can be:
    • Bleeding just after intercourse
    • Urinary compliance
    • Having sexual intercourse at early age.
    • Use of oral contraceptive tablets.
    • Having multiple sexual partners.
    • Heavy watery, bloody discharge from the vagina with a foul odour.
    • Other factors like lifestyle.


  • Before the procedure starts, doctors advise patients to submit blood samples after menstruation and during this a sample of cells are taken from cervical canal and from the uterus surface lining. Before the procedure starts few tests are required to be done:

    • Colposcopy
    • Cryosurgery
    • Laser surgery
    • Loop electrosurgical excision procedure
    • Cold knife conization
    • Hysterectomy cone biopsy

    Cervical cancer or any cancer is divided into different stages.

    Stage 0:The first and primary stage of cancer. It is classified as carcinoma in situ, the early form of cervical cancer. In this, the abnormal growth occurs on the surface of cervix and pap-test is suggested for further procedure.

    StageIA1:This stage detects cancer in the lymphovascular region. The growth of cancer cells in the blood cells. Patient suffering from stage IA1cervical cancer will be treated primarily with radiation therapy and chemotherapy at the same time. Cone biopsy is preferred during this stage for fertility and simple hysterectomy is preferred for non-fertility as in this cancer starts growing in the blood cells.

    StageIA2:Cone biopsy is performed during this stage to remove pelvic lymph nodes, as it is redirected to the pregnancy of female. In the case of no fertility, external beam radiation therapy and radical hysterectomy is used to remove lymph nodes.

    Stage IB and IIA:Under this after diagnosis, surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy are performed.

    Stage IB2 and IIA2:Chemoradiation is used as a standard procedure followed by a hysterectomy.

    Stages IIB, III, and IVA:Chemoradiation is done. However, radiation therapy is performed by external beam therapy and brachytherapy.

    Stage IVB: This is considered as the last stage of cancer which is not curable as cancer cells spread in other body parts as well. Treatments are performed only to relieve from pain occurs due to symptoms in the body.

Post Cervical Cancer Treatment Cancer

  • Regular physical exercise.
  • Follow-up for check-up should be done.
  • Follow-up for check-up should be done.

Results of Cervical Cancer

    If cervical cancer gets proper cure on time at Stage 0 then the life of a patient can be safe from further injuries. If a patient is diagnosed with Stage IVB then it is incurable but experts do chemoradiation therapies and prescribe chemo drugs to prevent him from the symptoms which cause pain to the patient. Cervical cancer can reoccur if weight loss, fatigue, back pain, excess leakage of blood from the vagina, swelling occurs.

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