PCL Reconstruction


PCL Reconstruction means Posterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction. PCL Reconstruction is an advanced surgery performed on the torn ligament when PCL meets with severe injury because of accident or any damage occurring to the knee. PCL is one of the strongest ligaments of our knee. It is similar to ACL, known as Anterior Cruciate Ligament. Ligaments are used to connect our femur (thigh bone) and tibia (shin bone). There are maximum chances of ACL to get injured but rare chances of PCL. Since PCL is on the back side and it is hidden so missed sometimes while diagnosis. It commonly occurs because of decelerations, coming down from staircase, problem in pivot joints, twisting of bones which affect this ligament badly. Our experts suggest, if PCL breakdown happens by any means then reconstruction should be performed.

What is PCL Recontruction?

Generally, PCL is hidden by our ACL ligament so when something happens to PCL it is initially missed or undiagnosed. PCL injury is broadly classified into different grades:

Grade 1: Known as PCL sprain, i.e. ligament will break down partially.

Grade 2: Known as PCL tear, i.e. ligament will almost breakdown.

Grade 3: Known as PCL tear, i.e. ligament completely breakdown and becomes non-functional.

What causes PCL injury?

  • Severe accident where knee is injured.
  • Falling on knee while performing any sports or physical activity.

If the patient’s is suffering from swelling, knee aching, a popping sound comes and problem occurs in walking then surgery is recommended.

The procedure

Before PCL surgery certain tests are recommended:

  • Physical Examination
  • X-ray
  • MRI

After the tests and examinations, our experts proceed with the open surgery. In PCL Reconstruction, a large incision is made and the torn ligament is removed and replaced with the new tissues and further stitched. The new healthy tissue should be taken from a deceased patient whose knee is perfectly fine. Surgery depends on the type of the damage occurred in the ligament and its grade too.

Post PCL Reconstruction Care

In most of the cases of a minor ACL tear, non-surgical methods of treatment like RICE (rest, ice, gentle compression, and elevation), joint immobilization or physical therapy give relief to the patient. Recovery and rehabilitation of the ACL injury usually take at least 3 months.

In cases of complete ACL rupture or tear that is also associated with other joint injuries, surgery is indicated to repair or reconstruct ACL and treat the adjoining structures for complete joint relief. So, collaborated surgery is done to repair all the defects. Also, sewing of ACL doe does not allow proper healing of the ligament, so its repair is mostly done using a graft from some other part of the body like tendon of the kneecap (patellar tendon) or the hamstring tendons.

Indications for surgery in ACL rupture

  • Complete rest to knee
  • Experts suggest keeping the knee straight to recover soon.

Benefits of PCL Reconstruction

Since it is an advanced surgery so it is performed according to the grade of the ligament torn. Once the surgery is done then a patient will be able to move his knee properly as the ligament helps in the movement and bending process.

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