Breast Cancer


Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer which often occurs in women. A lump is formed due to the rapid growth of cells in the breast which when increases becomes malignant i.e. cancerous. These tumours generally occur in the milk duct (ductal cancer in nipples) and few occur in lobes where the milk production occurs (lobular cancer in lobes). Sarcomas and Lymphomas are the types of cancers which occur at the different sites of the breast. Early diagnosis can be preventable.

What is Breast Cancer?

Breast Cancer occurs in both men and women but usually occurs in women. These cells in the breast rapidly grow and form lump or tumour in it. These tumours are malignant in nature i.e. cancerous at the distant areas of the breast. Different tests are performed to detect Breast Cancer.

What causes Breast Cancer?

  • The causes may include:

    • Feeling of the different lump or hard tissue in comparison to the surrounding tissue.
    • Size and shape of the breast will get change.
    • Skin of the breast will change i.e. appearance of rashes and crust skin around the nipple.
    • A newly inverted nipple will occur.
    • Lifestyle factors like excess alcohol intake.
    • Discharge of fluid and blood from the nipple.

What is Breast Cancer Treatment?

  • The treatment ofBreast Cancer depends on its type. If breast cancer is detected at an early stage then there are more chances of getting cured of it. When the tumour is small, then surgery is considered as the best option.Surgery is also used to examine the lymph nodes.

    The following surgeries are performed based on the type of the tumour:

    • Lumpectomy
    • Mastectomy

Tests to detect Breast Cancer

  • Physical tests:They are considered as the primary test to detect lumps in the breast near the armpit.
  • Mammogram:It is known as the X-Ray of Breast where the screening is done to detect the breast abnormality.
  • Ultrasound of Breast:It is performed to determine the lumps if present in the breast.
  • Biopsy: It is performed to detect the lumps or tumours which are cancerous in nature

        MRI of Breast: After injecting dyes, a magnet and radio waves are used to detect cancer in the breast.

The Procedure

  • There are different types of surgeries which are performed to remove cancer from the breast, which are as follows:

    • Lumpectomy:It is a surgical procedure of removing small tumours from the breast. In case, if the tumour is large then chemotherapy is performed to shrink the tumour first and then to remove the same with the surgery.

    • Mastectomy:It is performed to remove all the breast tissues.

    • Removal of cancerous lymph nodes: It is a type of biopsy method where the cancerous cells are need to be determined. If determined, then only cancerous cells are removed without harming the other lymph nodes. If cancer is found in the lymph nodes of the armpit (axillary lymph node) then it will be removed by surgery only.

    • Removal of the BreastsIn case of family history or genetic, women often discuss with doctors who remove their healthy breast so that it won’t affect healthy part of the body.

Post Breast Cancer Treatment Care

  • A regular check-up with your doctor is mandatory
  • Regular exercises
  • Complete nourishing food and a proper diet is recommended
  • Pelvic exams

Results of Breast Cancer Treatment

  • Quality of life will get increased
  • Supportive care

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