Hydrocephaly or Hydrocephalus is a condition when an excess amount of CSF (Cerebrospinal Fluid) starts accumulating in the brain and cause internal pressure resulting enlargement of the brain. The condition becomes worse when the fluid exceeds in the brain and starts compressing and damaging our brain. Surgery is the only mode of treatment our doctors recommend to any patient suffering from this condition.

What is Hydrocephaly?

Hydrocephaly derived from hydro means water and cephaly means head. Our brain is protected with CSF which is a fluid and this is a medical condition where CSF of the brain starts accumulating. CSF nourishes our brain, protects our nervous system and removes waste from the brain. When any hindrance in this process occurs then it leads to the condition of Hydrocephalus or Hydrocephaly. This accumulation results in headache, swelling, and enlargement of the brain which cause the problem to a patient in his routine work. Our doctors recommend that it is mandatory for a patient to get diagnosed and start taking treatment as early as possible to avoid any failure.

Hydrocephaly is of different types:

  • Congenital: It is the most common disease a baby if infected with during the pregnancy of her mother. The condition occurs when a pregnant woman gets infections like a birth defect, mumps, spina bifida.
  • Acquired: It occurs in growing years mainly if a patient is diagnosed with a brain tumor, meningitis, brain stroke, and any serious head injury.
  • Communicating: Our CSF in brain flows in our bloodstream and when this flow is blocked by any of our brain ventricles then this condition appears.
  • Non-communicating: When there is a partial blockage occurs in ventricles by CSF, resulting in Non-communicating or Obstructive Hydrocephaly.
  • Normal pressure: It only hits the age group of 50-60 years. Patient suffering from stroke, injury, infections, previous surgery, and brain hemorrhage.
  • Hydrocephalus ex-vacuo: When your brain shrinks and ventricle becomes larger than usual.

What causes Hydrocephaly?

Hydrocephaly can occur in any age but toddlers and adults above 65 years are most affected. The major cause of hydrocephaly in infants and adults are:

    • When CSF starts producing in excess quantity
    • If brain fluid cannot filter into the bloodstream
    • Congenital defect
    • Bleeding in brain
    • Brain tumour
    • Head injury
    • Meningitis
    • Brain hemorrhage
    • Complications during childbirth

The procedure

Our medical team and expert doctors recommend that surgery is the only option to get rid of hydrocephaly. The procedure starts as follows:

  • Six to eight hours of fasting is recommended before the surgery starts.
  • The surgery takes almost 90 minutes to get recover from this endless pain.
  • Surgery starts by shaving the area where the catheter (thin tube to give excess fluid during surgery) is placed inside the brain followed by drilling a hole in the head.
  • The surgery is performed by using a shunt called Ventriculoperitoneal (VP). VP is a medical device which is used to relieve pain from the brain occurs due to CSF accumulation. By using the VP, the doctor removes the excess fluid from the brain and leads to normal fluid discharge required in the brain for smooth running.

Post-Hydrocephaly Care

  • A regular check-up is required.
  • Prescribed medications are recommended to be taken on time.
  • Safety measures to be taken while traveling.

Benefits of Hydrocephaly

Surgery through shunt is successful for any age group. Patients experiencing insomnia, gait disturbances, urinary issues, sometimes dementia can be successfully improved after this surgery.

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