Prostate Cancer


A cancer which occurs in the prostate, a small walnut shaped gland present in men which functions to produce fluid and provides nourishment to the sperm and helps in transporting the same. It is s common cancer grows in men gradually and does not cause any harm at the initial stage. It is curable if detected at the early stage

What is Prostate Cancer?

Prostate cancer treatment depends on spread of the cancerous cells outside the prostate gland, rate of growth and overall health of the patient. Commonly, the treatment of prostate cancer includes one of more of radiation therapy, prostate cancer surgery and hormone therapy.

What cause Prostate Cancer?

  • Several causes for prostate cancer are enlisted below:

    • Inherited
    • Urination urgency
    • Weak bladder
    • Blood in urine
    • Blood in seminal fluid
    • Erectile dysfunction
    • Burning sensation in urination
    • Discomfort while sitting


  • Treatment for Prostate Cancer is performed based on the cancer stage. Surgery is performed to remove the cancer from prostate completely.

    • Radical prostatectomy:In this whole prostate with seminal vesicle along with lymph nodes are removed.

    • Robotic Prostatectomy:In this, small incisions are made to remove the prostate. This will cause less bleeding and will recover in short time as well.

    • Radiation Therapies: Radiation energy is used to crush the cancer cells and then removed from the body.

    • Cryosurgery or Focal Therapy: It is outpatient procedure. It is done in the cancerous part of prostate by destroying it. It does not affect the whole gland.

Post Prostate Cancer Treatment Care

  • Regular check-ups to avoid any complications.
  • Change in eating habit is recommended.

Results after Prostate Cancer Treatment

  • Improved lifestyle
  • No pain on sides

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