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Experience unparalleled medical care and personalized support with our Medical Tourism Services at NICE. As a leading destination for international patients seeking medical treatment in India, we offer a comprehensive range of services designed to make your healthcare journey seamless and stress-free. From expert medical consultations and treatment planning to logistical support and cultural sensitivity training, our dedicated team is committed to ensuring your well-being every step of the way. With state-of-the-art facilities, experienced healthcare professionals, and a holistic approach to healing, we strive to provide you with the highest standards of care in a comfortable and supportive environment. Discover the difference of compassionate care and world-class expertise with NICE Medical Tourism Services, and let us guide you towards optimal health and wellness.


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The Process to Avail SNF Facility for the Medical Tourism Patients

While in their own country the patient will avail the following services
  • Patients will approach NICE’s fully equipped Medical office in their own country.
  • NICE provides a list of specialties along with Doctors/Hospital, their profile, Hospital charges/package, SNF charges and other such details for specific treatments.
  • Patients Connect with NICE’s empaneled Doctors and understand the options available and select one Doctor/Hospital. This Doctor/Hospital is pre-decided by the patient before further consultancy and patient’s travel to India. The patient may be given the choice to change the selection subject to certain terms & conditions.
  • Register the patient with NICE who is then connected with the Indian Doctor/Hospital by providing relevant information over Telemedicine.
  • NICE takes care of all the clinical (like lab tests, radiology tests, old reports, etc.) as well as administrative & travel needs of the patient (& their caregiver) in the home country. NICE also uploads all the relevant Medical Information on the EMR.
Once the patient travel to India then the following services are provided
  • Patient travels to India where NICE receives the patient and their caregiver. NICE also takes care of all their clinical, hospital, travel/tour, VISA (patient & caregiver) and other needs from time to time..
  • Patient & their caregiver is provided a living facility at the NICE’s SNF.
  • Once the Hospitalization is completed, the patient comes back to NICE’s SNF for post-operative procedure.
  • Register the patient with NICE who is then connected with the Indian Doctor/Hospital by providing relevant information over Telemedicine.
  • Patient, their caregiver, Doctors and SPV can avail the Health IT/Telemedicine platform during the entire process, covering:

ePrescription: The Patient is provided with ePrescription over their mobile phone with all the details. They can always call up the Medical call center with any queries that they may have.

Delivery of Medicine: Once the ePrescription is done, the patient can avail the service of doorstep delivery of medicines at the home country and India.

Laboratory/Radiology Tests: In case the doctor recommends a Lab test, the same can be arranged by NICE at the patient’s doorsteps. NICE has tied up with various laboratories nationwide to ensure the best services to the patient.

Patient Medical Record: Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is the key to patient safety. The system keeps the EMR of the patient that includes medication, test results, etc. This information helps both the patients and the doctor.

Our Services


We have a special team for website style who has been involved in designing professional websites of all the web app categories.


To provide an ultra-modern living Skilled Nursing Facility with following amenities to the patients and their caregiver/attendant:

Clinical Service

Consultation for selection of Doctors/Hospitals

NICE, through its empaneled Doctors and Hospitals provides the right consultancy in regards to:


    ACD, CTI & CRM based call center with ANM/GNM/B.Sc. Nursing staff to handle the patient support calls then connecting to the appropriate Doctor, if required. The calls will be answered in the respective language of the patient. Technology also provides Tele/Video/Chat Consultancy from patients sitting in their home country to Specialist/Hospitals in India.


    NICE has set up a Medical OPD Center at a prominent location in the capital and other important cities of the country to cater to patients. The medical office will be equipped with necessary infrastructure of PC, Mobile phone and internet connectivity to the Admin/Sales/Doctors along with transport facilities for the patients.


    For the patients to store their data, prescriptions, Laboratory tests, medication, etc. being provided by the Doctor or they can store their own medical history and maintain the EMR. The platform also supports SNOMED CT, ICD10, ePrescription and much more.


    NICE’s consultation software is powered by an Artificial Intelligence engine to support the Doctor giving the correct Clinical Decision Support System. Within this software, doctors have access to the unique assistive tool that lets them examine the symptoms and give their patients reliable evidence based results.


    Provide the Doctors and trained medical staff such as Nurse, Lab Technician, etc. in specialties to consult with Patients.


    Once the Patient selects a Doctor/Hospital, arrange for the patient’s travel arrangement along with the patient’s caregiver(s) including Visa, etc